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    2019 - 02.13

    UNITED IN RAGE: Letter writer Antony Bennett tells Dr Stuart Edser (left) and Chris May most Australians are angry at the Prime Minister for “his gutless and divisive stance.”It’s all okay Stuart Edser and Chris May (“Vows against ‘immoral’ vote” Herald 8/9), whether you are involved or not in the LGBTI community, I think the vast majority of Australians will not forgive Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for his gutless and divisive stance on this major non-issue.
    Nanjing Night Net

    At least with Tony Abbott, you knew what you got and we got what we deserved. He was and is, at the very least, true to himself. What does this current populist, wishy-washy and weak prime minister trulybelieve in? Mr Turnbull then has the temerity in Parliament to spinthe High Court ruling as some strong leadership position in allowing “all Australians a voice”. Give me strength!

    But more importantly PM, you get some strength. To add insult to LGBTI injury, he proudly proclaims to one and all that “Lucy and I will be voting yes”as if he is the Messiah and we will all follow him down this enlightened path. If you are a supporter of same sex marriage,Mr Turnbull, why didn’t you just simply lead the debate, stand-up to the ultra right wing of your party, save us all a bucket load of money and drive this “reform”through?

    Oh yes, Dr Edser, we all share your anger.

    Antony Bennett,Bar BeachTIME TO FOCUS ON DEBATEI am very interested in the claim in the Herald (8/9) that a poll on the views of Australians regarding marriage is an “immoral vote” (“Vows against‘immoral’ vote”,Herald8/9), and I am wondering how is this so. If there is a moral value here, I am not aware of it.There are those who, while not supporting the redefining of marriage, find that they stand on a moral point and so the issue is what morality are we speaking of? I do know that some would say that while they do not support a change to marriage they do want to find a good path forward so that all will in their own way. The divisive manner of this campaign seems to be in the court of the yes supporters. While there has been a poor history to this point, perhaps the proverbial hatchet should be laid to rest and honest, respectful discussion should commence to find some common ground.

    On this subject I have heard claims from the supporters of the yes campaign that a lot of violence will accompany the issue being raised in the community. I do know that there are some on the no side of the campaign that use intemperate language from time to time, but on the most part I believe the name-calling and the violence has come from the yes side of the campaign towards the people who attend meetings where the no case is put forward.

    I found it interesting that even the uncommitted who may attend a no campaign meeting are yelled at, abused andcalled bigots as they enter. I have not heard of any of this when the yes case meet, and so I believeone must wonder where the hate is coming from.

    Milton Caine,Birmingham GardensAN INFORMAL PROPOSITIONI was hoping the same-sex marriage postal survey would pass the High Court(“Vows against‘immoral’ vote” Herald8/9)because I want to boycott it in the hope of seeing the issue unresolved and left around Malcolm Turnbull’s neck like a smelly dead albatross for as long as possible.

    I agree with former High Court Justice Michael Kirby that for same-sex attracted people to have to go cap-in-hand and ask the human animal herd for their human rights is an insult.

    Ignorance breeds prejudice and prejudice breeds hate. I find most Australians to be under-educated, unread, heads filled with nonsense from listening to fools – I’m using polite language here – and so multi-ignorant and therefore multi-prejudiced.

    For example, many are stupidly racist because they don’t know the simple science that all humans are one speciesand that skin colour is just an adaptation to climate. Same sex interactions occur in many species and are just a part of nature or the real world, and hurt no-one.

    I want to have a laugh watching Mr Turnbull trying to round up his herd of moral dinosaurs to address some form of SSM legislation in the Parliament.

    To gain their rights, our same-sex-attracted brothers and sisters may have to wait for a future parliament, one that operates on common-sense human decency.I’ll be returning my envelope but with no box ticked, just a few remarks about what those who feel the need tomind other people’s business can do with their survey-plebiscite.

    Les Hutchinson,South MaitlandTHAT BUMPY ROAD TO RUSSIA We are all disappointed the Socceroos failed to achieve direct qualification to the World Cup (“Dramatic win for Socceroos”Herald 6/9)but hopefully we can make it through the next two rounds.Maybe coach Ange Postecoglou deserves a little criticism at times but not the rubbish thrown at him by Robbie Slater and Mark Bosnich, both former Socceroos, now commentators.Both failed to make World Cup finals and some of their performances in the qualifying rounds they played inwere average.With more than 230 teams trying to gain a place in the world’s greatest sporting event, it is a hard road. In Ange we trust.

    Lyall Burrell,WallsendA COMPETITIVE VISIONSCOT MacDonald claimed “we have had the predictable push back from the state MP Tim Crakanthorp MP” (“Newcastle invited to dream big for Broadmeadow”Herald7/9). I have spent the last two years lobbying the state government to finalise the draft masterplan and to get moving.

    In fact, I have brought many stakeholders to the table to have their vision and thoughts considered in this plan – how many stakeholders have you brought to the table, Mr MacDonald?My vision is for a world-class sporting and entertainment precinct that can continue to attract world-class events like the Asian Cupor even a Commonwealth Gamesto Newcastle. A precinct that is connected to an integrated transport network and is a hub for sport and entertainment in northern NSW.The Berejiklian government is spending billions of dollars on stadia in Sydney. My vision is for Newcastle and the Hunter to receive its fair share of funding to realise the potential the Broadmeadow precinct holds. One might again question if Mr MacDonald and his government share the same vision?

    Tim Crakanthorp, Newcastle State MPLETTER OF THE WEEKThe Herald pen goes to Chris Cull, of Cooks Hill, for his submission on Malcolm Turnbull and his future legacy as a leader.

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