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    2018 - 08.01

    Relaxed living in quiet, historic suburb HISTORIC: There are some beautiful period residences in Bolwarra, with many seeing record sales for the suburb in recent years.
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    PICTURESQUE: Bolwarra is steeped in history and has a semi-rural setting within 10 minutes of Maitland CBD. The population is just under 1000 residents.

    CLASSIC: Immaculate gardens and fine Federation architecture are common in Bolwarra, which became known as the “gentleman’s suburb” in its early days.

    TweetFacebookSUBURB SNAPSHOTSituated just 10minutes from the heart of Maitland, Bolwarra enjoys a semi-rural setting while being predominantlya residential area.

    The suburb’sEuropeanhistorybegan in 1822 as an agricultural estate, known as BolwarraEstate, when timber merchant John Brown settled in the area.

    Bolwarraeventually became known as a gentlemen’s suburb with the building of many fine estates and villas between 1885 and 1926.Bolwarra Public School, established in the 1850s,is one of the oldest schools in NSW.

    LIFESTYLEA walk through the quiet streets of this picturesque suburb reveals plenty of Federationarchitecture from the late 1800s and early 1900s.

    Beautiful sweeping views over Maitland and the surrounding river flats can be admired at Bolwarra’s scenic lookout.

    It is not far from the city of Maitland but offers a relaxing, family friendly, country lifestyle.

    There are just under 1000 residents of Bolwarra with an average age of 44.

    FROM THE EXPERTSIt is considered one ofthe most respected and sought-after real estate holdings in the area with Kensington Road benchmarking many record sales of fine heritage residences.

    Surrounded by fertile farmland but just three kilometres from Maitland CBD, this suburb provides an ideal mix of a relaxed rural environment yet just minutes from facilities.

    The corner store is iconic with the best hamburgers in the area and quirky paraphernalia on display. Moments down the road, Maddies B&B is also an idyllic function venue.

    There is a wide range of real estate opportunities in the area with homes available in most budgets.

    – Presented by Rhonda Nyquist, Principal, PRDnationwide Hunter Valley

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