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    2019 - 03.13

    A great opportunity exists for the government. Buy out the contaminated land next to the airport, compensating owners. Let AGL set up a massive solar array for electricity on outer perimeters. Use inner area for airport expansion. Three birds, one stone.
    Nanjing Night Net

    Betsy Watson,SwanseaDoes anybody out there know how many coal-firedpower stations were operating when the earth started to warm up? Plenty seem to know what one of the main causes is, so surely these creatures of high intelligence can answer this question.

    Brad Hill,SingletonIn regard to the new screen bound for McDonald Jones Stadium, you reckon this one will have a clock that works?

    Kieren Kuter, FacebookFinally, a bigger screen. Even if it is the Eels’leftovers.

    Brenton Littlewood, FacebookIn view of the High Courtdecision on the postal vote, the Prime Ministercan now go on national TV,look the Australian people in the eye and say, “Yes I wasted $136 million of your money -but I did it legally”.

    Darryl Tuckwell,EleebanaI’m hoping someone can help me. On a pocket knife we have the words … “HAPPY 21st G.B.”. I found the knife on the road at Tuncurry about six or sevenyears ago and have tried many way of putting it out there. Then Iput it back in the drawer until the next time I see it. So I’m hoping that one of youreaders may know its owner.

    John Mercer,Fern BayRegarding Williamtown (“Toxic buyout hope dashed”, Herald7/9): what a disgrace. I’m not surprised though. Maybe the pollies need to be made to live there with their families and see things change. People are dyingfor God’s sake.

    Briony Tony Field, FacebookRegarding the Knights season awards (“Barnett’s boom time at Knights”,Herald8/9): I’m not sure what this team have to celebrate. Maybe getting through the year.

    Ross Sneddon, Facebook“Leaders urge clean debate on marriage”, reports the Herald (8/9). Is this so we get to see what a “clean” debate might look like at last? Seriously, are we up for such decency? As the proposed change does not force anyone to do anything, I suppose for true blue, fair go Australiathe yes voteshould storm home.

    Graeme Tychsen,Rankin ParkReplying to Brad Hill (Short Takes,Herald8/9) about children not playing sport in any parks: apparently he is not aware of our Pit Pony Park. Most afternoons, after school and onweekends itis a hive of activity.Perhaps a robust game of soccer;a well-climbed tree and sometimes on a windy day a family flying kites. I’m sure there are other parks experiencing the same.

    Daphne Hughes,KahibahTHE POLLSWhat snack would you most like to see at polling booths on Saturday?

    Sausage sandwich 71.3%, Rocky road 13.8%, Chocolate fudge 6.4%, Other 8.5%

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