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  • The Logies and the Gold Coast are a match made in tacky heaven

    2019 - 03.13

    If there was a Tinder for television, the Gold Coast and the Logies would most definitely have swiped right to create the most beautiful and unholy match imaginable.
    Nanjing Night Net

    Never have two things been better suited to a legal union. TV’s “night of nights” on Queensland’s “glitter strip”. You can’t make that stuff up.

    Tom Tate, the Gold Coast’s colourful Mayor probably summed it up most eloquently when he said he would embrace Australia’s “tacky industry” coming to his “tacky city”.

    Yep, TV Week is rolling up the red carpet and bumping the Logies out of Crown Casino and planting them in The Star on the Gold Coast for at least the next four years.

    I should begin with a caveat, I grew up on the superior coast (the Sunshine one north of Brisbane) with Noosa and beaches that remained in the sun unencumbered by ugly skyscrapers casting shadows and without, well, everything gross the Gold Coast has.

    Because, despite its lovely beaches and cute theme parks, the Gold Coast is a bit gross. And so are the Logies.

    The parallels one can draw between the two are endless. The Logies are long and boring, much like the Gold Coast’s famous shopping strip Cavil Avenue and you are likely to find someone such as Gina Liano strutting through both in a hideous Camilla kaftan.

    Most of the people who win a Logie will, at some point in their career, end up performing at Twin Towns.

    I don’t know if anyone outside Queensland has heard of Twin Towns. It’s an institution on the Goldy (OK, it is just over the border but no one cares) where the careers of once-remarkable performers go to die.

    It only seems right that the entire industry goes on a bus trip up the Pacific Motorway and checks out their retirement options.

    The event allows some rather vacuous people to gather in one place at one time to pat themselves, and each other, on the back. This is also a description of everyone on the sand at Surfer’s Paradise.

    While it could also be a description of Bondi, the peacocking that occurs at Surfers is a peculiar ritual that really only gets repeated in Melbourne on that one special night of the year at Crown Casino.

    Each are equally fascinating and should be studied by anthropologists.

    The Logies have traditionally been held at Crown Casino. Crown Casino is basically the Gold Coast in winter. It is absolutely appropriate to wear a maroon velour tracksuit at all times in both places and if you were to have wandered the halls of Crown at about 6am on Logies Day +1 you would have seen that I’m right.

    While it is fun and easy to jump aboard the cultural cringe train whenever the Logies or the Gold Coast are mentioned, and that is a very crowded train indeed, in all seriousness this is actually a very suitable pairing.

    The film and television industry in Queensland is going from strength to strength through hard work luring major films from studios such as Marvel and Disney to the Gold Coast and TV companies including Hoodlum and Matchbox creating local television dramas in the suburbs.

    While the Sydney-Melbourne-centric attitude of the television networks is slowly (very slowly) changing, the Queensland government’s ploy of throwing money at the awards they all have to go to is a clever one that helps chug the changing of minds along.

    Even if they only realise that Queensland in July is way nicer than Melbourne in April.

    Nathanael Cooper is Deputy Entertainment Editor

    This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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